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IPN Priorities

Use this page to navigate our on-going initiatives and completed work. Then use our resources to help others learn more about pediatric nursing and child health!


The Campaign for Pediatric Nursing

On-going since 2016, the Campaign for Pediatric Nursing is a multi-faceted program promoting awareness of pediatric nursing to students, career influencers, and the public. Anyone can be an ambassador for pediatric nursing with our free resources:


The Future of Pediatric Nursing

In 2014, the IPN launched a study of the profession including pain points and intent to promote the specialty to others. Highlights of the findings were presented at the Society of Pediatric Nurses and the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners conferences. Comprehensive findings will be published.


Choosing Wisely

The IPN is working with several nursing organizations to bring pediatric nurse expertise to Choosing Wisely, a national initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation. Choosing Wisely promotes informed patient-provider dialogue about appropriate healthcare treatments and tests. Families and health care providers alike benefit from this effort. We're in the process of submitting new pediatric nursing specific topics to the American Academy of Nursing for approval prior to ABIM submission. Pediatric nursing topics will facilitate wise decisions about the most appropriate care based on evidence-based research.


Research & Knowledge

Explore our past peer-reviewed articles and find continuing education related to the specialty.



We look for the latest statistics related to child health and pediatric nursing and post them in these report cards:



The pediatric nursing workforce is key to providing culturally sensitive care for children, teens, and families. See our Diversity page for these resources: