About PNCB

About PNCB

The IPN was established in 2009 by the non-profit Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB).

PNCB offers rigorous certification programs in the pediatric specialty and is the largest pediatric nursing certification organization in the country, with more than 40,000 RNs and advanced practice nurses actively certified. More than 95% of all pediatric nursing professionals who certify choose PNCB.


PNCB promotes optimal outcomes in global pediatric health by providing certification services that validate specialized knowledge and continuing competence in pediatric nursing.


Every child receives care from a PNCB certified nursing professional.


Our core values demonstrate the ideals we strive to uphold in meeting our mission and vision. These values reflect PNCB's beliefs and the behaviors we promote to guide the actions of certificants, volunteers, and staff.

  • Integrity: Acting with honesty and taking accountability for all we do and say.
  • Quality: Promoting excellence throughout all our interactions.
  • Innovation: Providing visionary leadership for the present and future.
  • Advocacy: Supporting and promoting the pediatric nursing profession.
  • Respect: Embracing collaboration and diversity of perspective.