The Campaign for Pediatric Nursing

Increasing awareness of our specialty

Students, educators, and nursing professionals benefit with Institute of Pediatric Nursing resources

The Campaign for Pediatric Nursing

Promote awareness of the pediatric specialty to students, educators, and the public! More pediatric nurses and advanced practice nurses mean more children and adolescents receive specialized care across all settings, Children are unique—they aren't little adults. Pediatric nurses need to be accessible where youth live, learn, play, and grow.

Whether you're a nurse, nursing student, faculty, career counselor, STEM teacher, vocational instructor, or community leader, take advantage of our free support:

If you identify as an ambassador for our profession, the IPN's talking tools will help you draw attention to pediatric nursing and why it's a great career choice. We hope the posters are proudly displayed and stimulate conversations and career planning.

- IPN Chair Karin Reuter-Rice, PhD, CPNP-AC, FCCM, FAAN

Campaign resources can generate and sustain interest especially in an era of decreased pediatric content in undergraduate programs and competition for pediatric clinical experiences. 

Posters offer a wide range of cultural diversity, age ranges, and complex health needs. Men in nursing, LGBTQIA+ youth, and family-centered care are represented as well as choosing a pediatric nurse practitioner career.

Complimentary resources from the Campaign include: