Pediatric Nursing Workforce Data

Pediatric Nursing Workforce Data

How do we ensure that tomorrow's children can receive care from a thriving pediatric nursing workforce? 

This a critical question being explored by the IPN and other thought leaders. 

Use the following statistics to understand the current landscape of nursing, and pediatrics in particular, throughout the United States today. 




  • Primary patient age group cared for in principal nursing position, for hospital and non-hospital settings is 5.7% pediatric/adolescent in the hospital setting and 13% in non-hospital settings.
  • An estimated 180,521 RNs provide patient care in a hospital setting to a pediatric population, including newborn, neonatal, pediatric, and adolescent.
  • When more than four patients were assigned to an RN in pediatric hospitals, the likelihood of hospital re-admissions increased significantly.
  • In a sampling of Certified Pediatric Nurses work in the following settings:*
    • 30.3% in free-standing children's hospitals.
    • 28.3% in children's hospitals associated with a major medical center.
    • 11.7% in outpatient specialty care.
    • 9.9% in community hospitals.
    • 5.1% in a outpatient primary care.
    • 4.8% in a major medical center.
    • 2.4% in a school setting.
    • 2% in home health care.
    • 0.8% in an ambulatory surgery center.
    • 0.4% in a psychiatric/mental health facility.
    • 0.2% in urgent care.
    • 0.2% in rehabilitation or extended care facilities.





  • There are approximately 22 pediatric nurse practitioners per 100,000 children.
  • Of the estimated 250,527 advanced practice RNs, 13% are in pediatrics.
  • Of the estimated 158,348 NPs, 16% are in pediatrics.
  • Of the estimated 59,242 CNSs, 8.7% are in pediatrics.
  • In a sampling of Primary Care Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioners:**
    • 48% work in a primary care outpatient clinic.
    • 24% work in a subspecialty clinic.
    • 9.34% work in a hospital inpatient setting.
    • 5.85% work in a school-based health setting.
    • 2.86% work in an ER setting.
    • 7.39% work in academia.
    • 1.39% work in a military setting.
    • 0.56% work in a home care setting.
    • 0.42% work in a retail-based clinic.


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