LGBTQ-Sensitive Nursing Care for Youth

LGBTQ-Sensitive Nursing Care for Youth

Pediatric nursing professionals are key to facilitating improvements for the health and well-being of LGBTQ children and adolescents. Use IPN resources to support this community. 

In schools, at the hospital bedside, and other settings, pediatric nurses have opportunities to identify concerns, start conversations, and connect children and teens. Pediatric nurse practitioners can play a much-needed role in offering a safe environment to discuss issues during annual check-ups or other interactions. Faculty and clinical educators impact LGBTQ cultural competence during nursing students' classroom and clinical experiences. 

Free Poster

Download the IPN's LGBTQ poster. Display the poster in schools, clinics, and anywhere children and teens are. Send the message that your setting offers nursing care sensitive to LGBTQ concerns.


Clinical Resources

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