Five Things to Know about the IPN

July 20, 2021

Five things you need to know about the IPN:

  1. More than 36,000 materials have been mailed or downloaded to promote pediatric nursing careers. Explore our Campaign for Pediatric Nursing resources
  2. Our #1 downloaded flyer this year supports LGBTQIA+ youth. Find the flyer plus more LGBTQIA+ nursing care resources
  3. Our #1 webpage remains the Directory of Pediatric Nurse Residency Programs. More than 33,000 individuals have accessed this resource since its launch in 2017. 
  4. We offer families and practices a free respected symptom checker tool in English and Spanish. Practices are welcome to link to it or contact about licensing. PNCB/IPN receives no financial benefit for those choosing to license the tool. 
  5. Teach undergraduate RNs? Download our latest white paper, Safeguarding the Future of Pediatric Care: Challenges and Opportunities for Educating and Expanding the Pediatric Nursing Workforce. It includes a list of strategies to increase pediatric clinical opportunities for students, including Five Things Pediatric Nursing Faculty Can Do Right Now.